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We all know starting a business is hard, especially when you don’t prepare for the hardships that come with it, and I’m glad I’ve learned the hard way so early on.


Social Media Planning and Strategy

Some folks call them social media gurus, but I bet some of them have never been on a campaign like this one here. We need to have a structure, a plan to progress our clients’ projects, and going all out with no real thought process is the wrong way to go about it. Of course, this is common sense, but there are some people still throwing everything at social media and never really gaining momentum. Mackenzie Fogelson of Mack Web Solutions shares with us a post that will help you create a real structure with progress that will not only help you become a better social media marketer but also improve the campaigns you look after, just like it did for me.

The Simple Power of One a Day

I’ve mentioned this post before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Seth Godin’s Simple Power of One a Day is so simple, yet most of us are most probably not doing it. By just doing one of these simple tasks every day, your business will be in better shape each month. I share this with my clients, and I’ve added to the list, too. Sometimes, I also check in on the days I’m not doing work directly for them to see if they are keeping up with the momentum.


A Seven-Figure Business

For me, Neil Patel’s blog, Quick Sprout, is within my top 3 favourites. He consistently produces lengthy articles that I can use and implement within my business. It motivates and reassures me to do more of the correct things, and I learn from Neil’s mistakes that he is open about. I could easily share 10-15 posts from Neil, but this post here recently changed my direction. My business was going at an ok pace, but nowhere near as good as I projected, so I had to shake things up a bit and do some things differently. I took the advice from Neil’s post, and I’m now the deputy chief editor of The Social Penguin Blog, which concentrates on social media and content marketing, and I’m now in the process of speaking at a few conferences, giving me more exposure and generating more leads for my business. Thanks, Neil!


3 Keys to Business Success

Jim’s marketing blog produces regular content, and he always amazes me with how he can come up with so many new ideas. That’s why I follow him around the web like a hawk. One of his messages is, “Be so good that they can’t ignore you.” This got me thinking, am I replaceable? Could someone else steal this customer from me? If I thought the answer was yes or that I could be doing more to be irreplaceable, I set out to be just that. By the way, I strongly believe that no one steals customers from you; you lose them yourself.

So, here’s my tip to you

I collate all the best blogs into sections within my bookmarks, the ones that I can refer to in order to gain inspiration and guides to tapping into the current topic I’m working on at that time. We need to draw knowledge from other people sometimes, and that’s why reading blogs have taken over my book reading. Recently, I’ve even started to transfer them all over to Evernote, as all the information gets backed up in the cloud and I can create tags for each post.

Learn from others, find people you can extract information from and help others. Helping others is the most important part to everything.


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