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Last week I attended All-Energy, the biggest renewable energy event in the UK with one of our clients Green Cat Renewables. It was great to catch up with Green Cat and see them at their best talking all things renewables.

It was a great opportunity to meet more of the team and also other renewable companies. Especially, Eneus Energy. Met last week, contract signed this week for Think Zap to take over their branding and web design project. Whilst we are still trying to understand exactly how they produce their particular type of green energy, I’m glad the team at Think Zap will be able to continue their experiences of working with renewable companies.

On another note, we continue our digital partnership with Green Cat Renewables with a second website for one of their operating arms of their business, Green Cat Geotech.

The lesson I learned is going to events with your clients is a great opportunity. If I didn’t meet one of the team members from Green Cat, that second site might not have happened and if I wasn’t introduced to Eneus Energy I wouldn’t writing this article now.

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Image copyrights: Green Cat Renewables

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