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Zap are no longer Zap Designs. We’ve changed our name to Think Zap and decided to move to a new domain,

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The past 5 years have been amazing to Zap. All thanks to you.

It first started off with Stevie, designing websites in his spare room at home. Then I joined. Now, we’re a team of six working from a nice office in Bothwell.

Business changes daily. Sometimes, more than once a day. It’s the nature of owning a business.

When I first joined Stevie as a business partner, we dedicated our time to web design, only. It was only inevitable that we would branch out to offer marketing and consultancy services.

I’m from a marketing and advertising background and my roles over the years were helping businesses to spend their budgets on the right type of advertising. You can learn more about my experience in marketing over at my marketing blog.

In the past five years,  of creative and marketing businesses that have started and failed. Sometimes, you can grow too fast and then you have more staff than you need. I’ve seen web design freelancers pack in and head for employment. It’s not easy out there.

Zap’s aim is to be an extension of your company and part of your team.

Zap has succeeded because we’ve worked hard with the clients we have. Take Little BigShot for example. Zap have been their web partner from day one and we’ve been involved with the company from the initial idea and now, an international business, selling their cans of healthy energy drink all over the world.

Zap don’t just work on design, we work in your business and manage all your web and marketing needs.

We’re that much a part of Little BigShot, they have dedicated a room for Zap in their offices where we sometimes work from when working on projects.

We more than just a design team, we’re your web partner. If you grow, we grow.

The team and I are going to share all our knowledge, right here, on this blog. We are leaving nothing behind so we can help you grow and understand what it takes to win online.

Thanks again to all of our wonderful customers over the past 5 years. We truly love you.

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