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We all wonder how to get more customers and more leads landing on our laps all the time, right? What if we don’t need more leads or even more customers? What if we’re already sitting on a boat load of cash (OK, not a boat load, but enough to bring more revenue to the business and WIN.)

One of these next tips should bring more revenue to your bottom-line. If not all three, at least one will.

A goldmine from the 1800's

Why you don’t need new customers?

How many times have you quoted a potential client for a project or job and never won the contract? Ever wondered what happened or who they choose to be their client? I did, quite a bit, so I got back in contact with them all and this is what happened.

  • Some had their new product/service in place and were happy with their choice
  • Some had a new product/service but weren’t that overly impressed
  • And here’s the best one, some had decided not to go ahead at that time or their client hadn’t lived up to expectations and they were going to look at choosing someone else.

Phoning them all back up after a few months is so rewarding. You start to figure why a potential client chooses you over someone else. Was it money? Better service/product? Anything else? Once you get a better idea of what that is, you can align your new knowledge with your products/services and proposals you send out to new potential business. You will also know if you have positioned yourself correctly and start to see who truly is your target market.

Clients that you lost to someone else sometimes make the wrong decision, and this is an opportunity for you to offer to fix their problems and offer a helping hand. You won’t win them all, but you will at least win some over. Who’s stopping you selling them another product or service? Go get them!

My favourite of all. Not only does this bring in the most money but it’s the easiest of the three. Think about it, the client hasn’t went ahead with the project, you’ve already had dialogue with them, you know a little about them and I’m guessing you’re the only one to follow up after weeks or months as most companies don’t. You’re in the number one position now on getting the contract. You offer them something better than you did before and in these cases, it may just be a guarantee you’ll live up to their expectations as a client. Easiest sales you’ll make all year.

Why you don’t need new leads?

Your clients trust you, of course, they do because the last project you worked on with them was a success. If it wasn’t, you have little chance with this next tip.

At Zap, our main services are web design and SEO. Once we’ve done a great job and the customer is happy and trusts us, we offer them services and products which can help their website grow and most important, drive sales through their website.

Here are some of the things we offer as up-sells:

  • Monthly maintenance packages
  • Refer them to trusted service providers (Social media, inbound marketers, video) for a small commission
  • Refer them to products in which will help them run their business and use an affiliate link to build commissions.

The amazing thing that happened, which I didn’t account for was this. Once our clients partnered with one of our trusted service providers, they needed more work done on the website. Ker-ching. Then our service providers offered us projects to work on with their clients and this leads me to my next point.

Partner up. You may be an accountant, who knows a business who provides business insurance. That business insurance company get a lot of new businesses needing their services who also need an accountant. You could have a small pet shop and you only sell a few puppies at a time. Have a list of breeders you could send potential new dog owners to for a small commission. There are loads of opportunities here, build your network and give your new partners as many leads as possible and in return, they’ll see how valuable you are and replicate the same to you.


Instead of worrying about what you don’t have, start to use what you do have. These tips shouldn’t cost you a single penny, just your time and hard graft. I was the same, worrying about my next client, not now. I’ve shifted my way of thinking about how I can offer value to my client, do my utmost on the projects we have and in return we’re getting more from our clients and you can too.

Every week I’ll be writing a new post to help those solopreneurs, micro and small businesses to generate more revenue, more leads and gain market momentum within their business. You can sign up below so you don’t miss any of my posts.

What do you think? Have you tried these tactics before? Leave your comments below and keep the conversation going. Let’s see what other ideas we can come up with.

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